Businesses typically assess their situation prior to making critical decisions. Assessments are often arbitrary, inefficient, inconsistent and not scalable. Assessment process often require participants to wade through a vortex of emails, spreadsheets, forms and unstructured interactions. Collaboration is difficult and visibility isn’t always apparent until long after critical decisions have been made and resulting consequences determined.

There’s a better way. Developing assessment processes and models that yield meaningful insights is both an art and a science.

With Assessment Forge, you can end the spreadsheet, forms and email chaos. Automate workflows and provide structure to how you design and use assessments. Leverage intelligent self-service models to streamline processes, save time and money and improve service quality. With automation, cutting edge data science, and structured workflows you can extend your reach and improve the quality and consistency of decisions and even seize previously unavailable opportunities.

By approaching every assessment as a service, delivered through the Assessment Forge cloud, you can stay ahead of obstacles and opportunities and accelerate and expand your business. With real-time insights, users can collaborate on the fly and make decisions with confidence.

"Assessment Forge’s comprehensive assessment solution gave us the flexibility to create assessments for our clients, each of whose risk tolerance varied. The combination of their team and technology eliminated a lot of the manual process typically associated with evaluating risk."

Marie Taylor

CyberScout (formerly IDT911)

Assessment Forge’s winning combination of its technology platform, proven assessment workflow design process, and team of experts helps organizations across a range of industries save time and money and helps them to recognize new revenue opportunities.


With platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) options, the Assessment Forge technology offerings provide a sophisticated rules engine, coupled with user-friendly interfaces for designing and deploying automated assessment models and managing post-assessment activities and data. The advanced security features enable clients to securely and effortlessly share information with multiple stakeholders with varied levels of access. Powerful scoring engines make even the most complex models simple to understand.


We never lose focus of the bigger vision but also recognize that the details of your processes are crucial. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience of designing, engineering, and managing assessment processes, spanning the insurance, healthcare, technology and other industries. We know the art of information gathering, assessment design, decision support and risk management, and our technologists are focused on building assessment tools and the software platforms.


"Charlie and Sue were great to work with. They helped us automate our risk assessment process so that we can spend our time more valuably - consulting with our clients rather than writing reports. The process from development of a new product to rolling it out was much easier than expected as a result of their automated assessment process."

Timothy Bruce

Safehold Specialty Risk

Before we begin an engagement together we'll help you to identify and think strategically about your existing assessment processes and how they currently support your goals. With a better understanding of your business, your stakeholders and your strategic priorities, we’ll scope and design individual assessment models and/or suites of tools as needed. We can also draw from existing assessment models in certain scenarios.

With a sound design we systematically step your team through automation of your model. The automation process involves:

  • Configuration of a preliminary model including
    • Intelligent surveys
    • Scoring algorithms
    • High level reporting requirements
  • Configuration of a final model with detailed reporting,including audience specific reports

Powerful rules engines are configured and we focus on designing structured workflows and job aids that guide stakeholders on:

  • How and when to initiate the use of a model
  • How to interpret results of an assessment and use insights to support decision making
  • What activities should occur post assessment

Continuous process improvement is built into our methodology. Over time we continually collect data on historical model guidance and actual outcomes and continually refine the models. Use-cases often change, and as such we’ll reconfigure aspects of any model as needed for new audiences and new situations.

You’ll be able to systematically manage model design, document use and manage post assessment activities.

This complete solution ensures a consistent, repeatable process that drives more meaningful insights, better decisions and more opportunities.