The tools, technology, and team to help consultants and companies make the best decisions.

Assessment solutions that help organizations improve processes, support critical decisions and seize new opportunities in a cost-effective, consistent, and scalable way.

An Art and a Science

Gathering and depicting meaning from the right information requires art and science. Assessment Forge helps companies and consultants craft meaningful assessment models that improve workflow performance.

Assessment Steps/Process

Assessment Forge helps you design and leverage assessments that deliver consistent information and actionable guidance to decision makers in real time with the following proven process:


Assessment Forge works with clients to help them design effective and efficient assessment models that support their unique circumstances. Activities include:

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to ensure scope of model and audience needs are clearly defined
  • Identifying and sequencing of assessment points
  • Developing scoring algorithms
  • Creating reporting rules and custom content libraries or leveraging AF risk management libraries


With powerful design tools, our clients can design intelligent surveys, automate scoring rules, and build a library of output objects including comments, recommendations, warnings, executive summaries and more.

Once completed, the sound model design and powerful automation will efficiently extract data from internal and external business chains and transform raw data into meaningful insights. The automation intelligently scales and extends assessment processes in way that’s cost effective.

Structured Workflows

Assessment Forge structured workflows are designed to support collection of timely information and presentation of insights at the point of decision. User actions are automatically recorded into system history, reducing onerous user documentation of activities/events.

With priority flags, warning icons and drill down displays, the Assessment Forge platform supports users who scan, skip and retrieve only the content that they are interested in as well as those who will review every detail.


Once an assessment is complete, the real work begins. Whether the assessment precedes a negotiation, a consulting engagement, an approval process or some other process; different stakeholders in the process will need to communicate, document decisions and collaborate on insights identified by the assessment.

The Assessment Forge Platform provides secure custom areas and tools for stakeholders to collaborate and document these interactions.

Manage Documentation

Because workflows are structured, the system can document actions as they occur (or don’t occur). Documentation tools also give process participants the ability to add documentation as they choose. Insights from assessment can also be aggregated across many assessments so that trends can be identified and used to further improve models and workflows.

An Experienced Team

The core team at Assessment Forge combines 100+ years of industry relevant experience across assessment design, assessment software technology and risk management. Our expertise along with customizable PaaS and SaaS offerings ensures we efficiently gather and interpret the data you need to make informed decisions- whether assessing risk or pursuing new opportunities.

You focus on your area of expertise while we focus on the assessment design and logistics.

Charlie Sidoti

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Charlie co-founded Assessment Forge in 2011 after realizing an opportunity to improve decision making through automated assessments during his tenure in executive positions at OneBeacon Insurance and St. Paul Companies. Prior to Assessment Forge, he spent 25 years in property/casualty insurance risk management he developed and administered $10M+ budgets, oversaw strategic planning, and had roles that spanned business development and product development. A visionary and strategic thinker, Charlie has been successful in developing and running highly effective business groups.

Charlie has an engineering degree from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a MBA from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.

Gary J. Morin

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Gary brings over 25 years experience in information technology to his role as CTO of Assessment Forge. For over 18 years Gary has managed a successful consulting firm focused on application development and network engineering for the insurance industry. With extensive experience in both writing code and product sales, Gary understands both technical and end-user requirements necessary for good software design.

Gary has a degree in History and Government from Georgetown University.

Susan Horton

Director - Assessment Design

Susan has over 20 years of experience in instructional design and project management including extensive experience in the insurance and financial services industries. Susan is known for creating dynamic, interactive programs, which ensure effective knowledge and skills acquisition. She is a results-driven project manager, proven leader and trusted consultant.

Susan has a degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and Distance Learning Certifications from the University of Maryland.

Lisa Hamilton

Director-Behavioral Health and Human Services

Lisa has 10+ years of criminal justice, behavioral health and human services experience including extensive counseling experience and experience designing and managing addiction treatment and other programs. She’s now focusing her considerable talents on helping behavioral health and human services providers to assess the quality and effectiveness of their processes. Lisa also manages development of Assessment Forge’s capability maturity models for the Human Services Sector. Lisa is passionate about helping consumers of human services by helping providers to deliver the highest quality services possible.

Lisa has a MA in Criminal Justice from Chapman University and a BA in Psychology and Legal Studies from Beloit College.

Our Clients

What They're Saying

"Wells Fargo Insurance has worked with Assessment Forge for the past 3 years. We have been impressed with their ability to organize and create assessments to meet our needs. Starting from scratch with just our ideas, they have been extremely methodical. Their team listens to our requests, designs step-by-step plans to reach our goals, and is supportive in providing assistance when needed."

Kevin Lassiter

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

"Charlie and Sue were great to work with. They helped us automate our risk assessment process so that we could spend our time more valuably - consulting with our clients rather than writing reports. The process from development of a new product to rolling it out was much easier than expected as a result of their automated assessment process."

Timothy Bruce

Safehold Specialty Risk

"Assessment Forge’s comprehensive assessment solution gave us the flexibility to create assessments for our clients, each of whose risk tolerance varied. The combination of their team and technology eliminated a lot of the manual process typically associated with evaluating risk."

Marie Taylor

CyberScout (formerly IDT911)